Hi. I’m Shane.

I'm an art director and developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I co-founded The Sketchbook Project, designed at Meetup and OkCupid, and have eaten a lot of pizza. I'm currently co-running Draft & Draw and am available for freelance projects.

1,000,000 Meetup Members in NY

One Million New Yorkers

Meetup hit a crazy milestone in 2014 by hitting one million members in New York City.

We put together a campaign around it along with a small party celebrating local members an organizers. Out of that came this video.

Going through three boxes of x-acto blades, I cut the set out of giant boards of foamcore and assembled them to the wall. The end titles are comprised of my shaky lettering.

  • Role

    Art direction
    Motion graphics & titles
  • Company

  • Collaborators

    • David Anderson
    • Corey Ellis
      director of photography