Hi. I’m Shane.

I'm an art director and developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I co-founded The Sketchbook Project, designed at Meetup and OkCupid, and have eaten a lot of pizza. I'm currently co-running Draft & Draw and am available for freelance projects.

Summer of Heat Map - OkCupid
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Where your humans are located

Summer of Heat Map

What if the humans (or the human) for you isn't where you're currently sitting right this very moment? Summer seemed like the perfect time to analyze traits of people in various cities across North America in order to tell the reader where they should go visit to find a human that fits their liking.

Our data scientist analyzed clusters of OkCupid members in each city, and then we presented the reader with an interactive survey asking them what traits they looked for in a partner. At the end, they were given their best–and, perhaps most interestingly–their worst city to visit.